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45 Litre "Small Wheelie Bins"

45 Litre "Small Wheelie Bins"


With its 45 litre filling capacity, the Rollbox is a leading product in the SULO bin assortment. Equipped with an access handle and two small and sturdy wheels, it can be pulled like a trolley case. The best thing about a Rollbox is that it can be emptied like an MGB, because it has a double angle DIN comb. It also has a chip nest and is therefore compatible with all identification and weighing systems.


Possible applications

Thanks to its small size and its trolley feature, the Rollbox is predestined for certain applications. One possible application is using it indoors as a classic collecting bin and simply rolling it out to the street on collection day. This is particularly convenient for people who have physical limitations and are therefore unable to lift things such as a full sack of rubbish. If specific types of recyclable materials are being collected by means of an underground system or depot container, they can be collected indoors in the Rollbox and easily transported to the appropriate collection point.

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