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50 Litre Grit Bin- Black


50 Litre Grit Bin- Black

This compact and versatile grit bin is the perfect choice for use at home and is available in a choice of different colours designed to blend in and look attractive in your garden. All black grit bins are manufactured from recycled material but are manufactured to the same standards as the non-recycled grit bins.

The bin is manufactured from tough and durable, rust proof polyethylene and features an angled lid designed to prevent large quantities of snow and ice from settling on top of the bin. The angled lid also allows rainwater to run off without forming puddles on the top of the bin.

The 2 Cu Ft grit bins are interstackable up to 10 high meaning they take up less space when stored during the spring/summer months. It also means we can offer savings on delivery as up to 40 bins will fit onto a standard size pallet.

Two optional extras are available for the 2 Cu Ft grit bin. One is a GRIT/SALT adhesive decal and the other is a 3” hasp and staple (padlock not included) to keep your stock of grit salt safe and secure from theft. Both options are factory fitted. This product has a lead time of 3-5 working days.

50 Litre Grit Bin- Black
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