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Mapa Krytech 586 Gloves


High-performance protection for intricate handling in reasonably clean environments

Optimal cut resistance, level 5 Excellent dexterity due to the precise fit Added comfort and flexibility

A visible indicator in blue textile to easily identify the cut-performance level in the workplace Washable until 3 cleaning cycles (see laundering and drying conditions) Specific features Uses HDPE fibres ensuring excellent cut resistance with reduced thickness for good dexterity.

Applications Automotive/mechanical industry Handling metal parts Assembly of thin metal sheets

Finishing sharp parts Plastics industry Post-injection material removal Local Authorities (Technical Maintenance) Maintenance work with risk of cuts Construction Industry (Roofers/Tilers/Glazers) Handling and fitting windows

Mapa Krytech 586 Gloves
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Model: Mapa Krytech 586 Gloves

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