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Mapa Ultrane Grip Proof 500


Grip and skin protection for oily environments Oilproof, it repels oil penetration and reduce dermatitis Grip and Proof coating ensures an excellent grip in oily environment .

It also reduces muscle strain and boost productivity Excellent abrasion resistance due to the nitrile coating Long lasting and cost effective glove:

washable until 5 cleaning cycles (see laundering and drying conditions)

Attractive dark colored glove adapted to the industrial environments Applications Automotive/mechanical industry Machining parts using cutting oil Handling sheet metal

Handling oily mechanical parts Handling and sorting small, sharp parts Glass industry Handling glass sheets Other industries Maintenance in wet environments Mechanical industry Maintenance in wet environments (water, oil, greases, hydrocarbons) Cutting and stamping metal

Mapa Ultrane Grip Proof 500
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Model: Mapa Ultrane Grip Proof 500

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