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About Us

Rubbermaid cleaning cartSoho Commerical Ltd has been supplying bins for 3 years into UK and Ireland, we specialise in the supply of recycling, universal, wheelie, indoor and outdoor bins and have now moved into the supply of high quality products for commercial use.

At Soho Commercial we pride ourselves in quality product and excellent customer service and with our extensive range and friendly sales team we intend to meet your expectations. We supply many different types recycling and waste management products including recycling bins, work safety products such as cones and bollards, cleaning solutions, smokers bins, wheelie bins, grit bins and babycare products with the range covering all Rubbermaid products sold in the UK but if you can't find what you're looking for please call us on 0870 777 3028 as we will be happy to try an locate or discuss your requirement.

Our Customers

We supply many groups with our types of business and service industry with our products. Our customers include NHS, the public sector, schools, banks, oil and gas companies, SOHO (small office home office) buisnesses and corporates.

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VAT no: 933 6770 04

Call: 0845 070 4094