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Swine Flu Step-On Bins

Are you prepared for swine flu?

20 ways to help prevent the spread of influenza A (H1N1) swine flu among your workforce. Safeguard employee health, reduce absenteeism and save costs. The presentation includes:

  • Guidelines of infection prevention
  • 20 ways to reduce workforce risk
  • Silent defenders: slow-close lid damper helps keep airborne pathogens from escaping
  • Step-on best: front opening with easy access for cleaning
  • Premium step on bins: overlapping lid to contain airborne pathogens
  • Step-on bins: optional rigid liner contains infected waste and liquid
  • Small pedal bin: rounded corners for easy cleaning
  • Eco Bins: large pedal to open the bin without hand
  • Microfibre cloths - superior contaminant removal

Download the Swine Flu Step-On Bins Presentation (476k PDF)

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