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Battery Bins

Available in three sizes, a 5 litre counter top model and 10 and 20 litre floor standing versions, Battery Tubes are ideal for the collection and storage of used batteries.

Small footprints enable the containers to be used in areas where space may be limited. A clear
polycarbonate tube ensures that the collected contents are clearly visible and the restricted aperture helps to prevent cross contamination.

An innovative and unique design ensures that these eye catching containers stand out in high traffic retail locations encouraging responsible battery disposal. The 20 litre model features two large, robust handles enabling the tube to be easily carried and emptied.

The Battery Tubes can be manufactured in vibrant magenta in line with WRAP’s Recycle Now campaign or in a variety of other colours for maximum impact or commercial branding.

Bespoke labelling is also available for further customisation.

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5 litre Battery Bin
5 litre Battery Bin
10 litre Battery Bin
10 litre Battery Bin
20 litre Battery Bin
20 litre Battery Bin