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Box Cycle Triple


The Box Cycle Triple is a great unit for encouraging recycling in office, public spaces and education facilities. The Box Cycle Triple features three bodies inside one base, with three individuals lift off lids. The lids each have a different aperture of your choice for separating different recycling streams. These are also coloured coded with WRAP compliant colours to help engage people to the colour which corresponds with the type of recyclable waste.

There is a choice of transparent or coloured bodies or a combination of both. A choice of 60 or 80 Litre bodies are available.

Units with transparent bodies have a white base as standard, but the base on units with coloured or mixed bodies are powder coated the same colour as the bodies. All coloured lids and bodies can be bespokely made in all WRAP compliant colour choices.

As standard, units have flat lids and the bases are riveted to the bodies.


60 litres - H700mm W960mm D320mm Weight: 25kg
80 litres - H850mm W960mm D320mm Weight: 27kg
Box Cycle Triple
Price: £240.42
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Model: Box Cycle Triple

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