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Safety cone - Multilingual 'CAUTION' & "Wet Floor" Symbol

  • Safeguarding against slip and fall accidents in high traffic areas like supermarkets, shopping centres and other public buildings.
  • Highly visible, bright yellow hazard protection systems
  • Optional features include a flashing hazard light
  • The portable Barricade system 6287 includes one safety cone equipped with a double weight ring and one self retracting belt that boldly outlines the restricted area.
  • Cones are made from polyethylene and are yellow with black writing
  • Dimensions: WxDxH: 311x311x914mm
  • Old Part Code: 6276
Safety cone - Multilingual 'CAUTION' & "Wet Floor" Symbol
Price: £38.55 £28.91
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Model: FG627600

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